Explore Non-Resident Property Services with Minitzers Attorneys

We have assembled a bespoke service offering for Non-Residents, especially those wanting to buy or sell property in South Africa.

1. Deal Structuring

What is the best way to buy property in SA? There is no one answer for everyone, as the tax regime of your country of residence plays a very important role. We work with you to find the most tax efficient vehicle for you to purchase your property in, taking the following into account:

›› Foreign Exchange Regulations

›› Your desire to utilise bank funding

›› Estate Duty (Death Taxes)

›› Capital Gains Tax

›› Dividend Withholding Tax

›› International Tax Treaties

Once the most efficient structure is agreed upon, we will advise you on Exchange Control Regulations and Reserve Bank requirements.


2. International Money Transfers

Let us get you the best rates when transferring money to and from South Africa.


3. Bank Accounts

As an owner of property in South Africa, it makes a lot of sense to have a South African bank account. Let us take care of the paperwork and set your account up in such a way that you can receive money from commercial activities within South Africa, like when you rent out your property.


4. Accounting & Income Tax

We can take care of the accounting and income tax matters for your South African company and prepare and file annual returns.


5. Repatriation of Funds

When you sell your SA Property, we can help you with Reserve Bank clearance so that you can repatriate your funds back to the country of its origin.


6. Last Will & Testament

Your SA Property (and other assets) must be bequeathed in terms of a valid South African will. Let us prepare one for you to make sure your last wishes are legally documented.


These services are provided by Minitzers Attorneys in conjunction with Taxforum CC, RandTangle & Currency Assist.

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